Annual Physicals

A “Physical” or “Annual Physical” or “Preventive Visit” involves only well-adult, preventive services (see below.) It does not involve assessment or management of specific symptoms or problems, acute or chronic. This is defined by Medicare and by insurance companies, not by Colorado Springs Internal Medicine. If, during your “Annual Physical,” your physician addresses any problems… diabetes, back pain, a skin rash, high blood pressure, etc….then the visit is no longer just a “Physical” for billing purposes. An appropriate diagnosis and charge will be rendered and you will be responsible for any applicable co-pays. This may be in addition to the “Preventive Services” charge. If you want a visit to be just an “Annual Physical,” tell your doctor’s assistant and your doctor that you only want to address preventive measures and not actual medical conditions. If you have specific medical conditions that need addressing, it would make sense to address them at the Annual Physical visit and simply pay the copayment, rather than have to make a separate appointment for them.

(Preventive services include, but may not be limited to: review of medication list and drug allergies; blood pressure check; discussion/ordering of preventive tests like cholesterol, blood sugar, mammogram, colonoscopy, bone density x-ray; performance of a general exam, a PAP smear, breast exam, or prostate exam; discussion of and administration of vaccines; discussion of lifestyle habits such as exercise, smoking, alcohol, or drug use.)