Medical Home

As of 2013, our practice is working toward designation as a Medical Home. This is a team-based health care delivery model that provides comprehensive medical care to patients with the goal of maximizing health outcomes. It involves multiple principles related to quality of care, evidenced-based clinical guidelines (for things like diabetes and high blood pressure), appropriate use of preventive measures (mammograms, cholesterol testing, and many more), access to care, coordination of care with other providers, use of information technology, and more. Many facets of the Medical Home concept have been present in our practice for years, but some will be new....more structured ways of keeping track of preventive measures, more resource information about medical problems for patients, more thorough ways of following up care such as a phone call to see if you have made that appointment with that specialist or have had that important test done. To learn more about the Medical Home concept, find the "Medical Home" link on the "Useful Links" tab to your left, or Google "Medical Home".