Prescription Refills

If you get your prescriptions by mail order or at a local pharmacy other than the military bases, please call or go online with your pharmacy when you run out of refills. They will contact us to renew your prescriptions. If you get your prescriptions at a local military base, call our office and choose the "prescription refill option" and leave a message with your name (please spell it), date of birth, and the names, dosages, and frequencies of each medication that you need renewed. We will renew those electronically (e-prescribe them) with the base. Prescriptions for controlled substances, like opioid pain medications, tranquilizers, and so on, cannot be called in by phone nor e-prescribed. You will need to pick up a written prescription for those at our office. Please allow us up to 3 business days to complete prescription refills. Plan ahead.

If you are overdue for an appoinment, your doctor might want you to have an appointment before we renew your prescription. In this case, a one-month prescription refill will usually be given.